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Director of Finance [Close] China 1 06 January, 2021


1. The position of business supervisor, independently responsible for the work team, providing guidance or support to subordinate members and supervising their daily activities;

2. Perform and coordinate financial auditing, auditing, and accounting work;

3. Supervise the implementation and maintenance of the company's financial management procedures and policies, and participate in the formulation of annual and quarterly financial plans;

4. Provide various financial reports and necessary financial analysis to the company management;

5. Organize the company's cost management work, carry out cost forecasting, control, accounting, analysis and assessment to ensure the completion of the company's profit targets.

Required Qualifications:

1. Full-time bachelor degree or above in finance, accounting, finance investment, management and other majors, With CPA qualification preferred;

2. At least 3 years of financial management work experience in the chip industry;

3. Familiar with national financial policies, corporate financial systems and procedures, computerized accounting, and proficient in relevant fiscal and tax laws and regulations;

4. Strong cost management, risk control and financial analysis capabilities;

5. Good organization, coordination, communication skills and teamwork spirit, able to withstand greater work pressure.

Send resume to:dan.yue@wingcomm.com
Principle Analog Design Engineer [Details] United States, China Multiple 06 January, 2021


1. Participate in chip definition, determine the overall architecture of analog circuits, and independently complete circuit modeling, design, simulation, and verification;

2. Compile technical documents of analog circuits;

3. Plan the layout, guide and assist layout engineers to complete the layout design to ensure that the layout meets the requirements of circuit design;

4. Work with test engineers to formulate test specifications and complete the test of chip analog circuits;

5. Assist application engineers and field application engineers to solve problems in the mass production of chips.

Required Qualifications:

1. >5-year relevent experience;

2. Expert in high-speed analog and mixed-signal circuit design.

Send resume to:dan.yue@wingcomm.com
Analog Layout Engineer [Details] China Multiple 06 January, 2021


Responsible for the layout design of analog integrated circuits and the final tapeout of the chip.

Required Qualifications:

1. Bachelor degree + more than 1 year of work experience;

2. A solid circuit foundation;

3. Comprehensively master various parasitic effects and optimization methods of high-speed simulation layout;

4. Master the whole process of tape-out;

5. Rich experience in tape-out;

6. Have excellent team spirit and professionalism;

7. Able to communicate well with the design team.

Send resume to:dan.yue@wingcomm.com
ASIC Design Engineer [Details] China Multiple 06 January, 2021


1. Design and RTL coding of high-speed digital circuits;

2. Participates in all stages of chip design, including system analysis, timing analysis, formal verification, DFT, FPGA testing and chip testing;

3. Work with analog engineers, system engineers and marketing to help ensure the design meets all customer and performance requirements;

4. Work with Validation, Test and Product Engineers to support the validation and qualification of the end product.

Required Qualifications:

1. M.S.degree in Electronic engineering, microelectronics, computer, communication and other related majors;

2. Proficient in Verilog HDL, with a solid basic knowledge of digital circuits, familiar with digital verification methodology, familiar with systemverilog, familiar with chip development process, familiar with commonly used EDA tools such as simulation synthesis;

3. Familiar with C/C++ language, Perl/shell scripting language;

4. English CET—Level 4 or above, able to read English development materials proficiently;

5. Good document writing ability and habits, and be able to write standard outlines and detailed design documents;

6. Good communication and coordination skills, good sense of teamwork, strong sense of responsibility and enterprising spirit;

7. One or more of the following experiences is preferred:

a) Design experience in digital signal processing, digital communication, audio processing, or peripherals (USB, MIPI, etc.);

b) Experience in low-power design.

Send resume to:dan.yue@wingcomm.com
FAE Engineer [Details] China Multiple 06 January, 2021


1. Cooperate with the sales department to promote products, and provide customers with technical support for product evaluation boards, hardware circuit design, and software debugging;

2. New product testing and debugging work;

3. Assist in preparing materials required for product promotion.

Required Qualifications:

1. Major in electronics, communication, physics, software, bachelor degree or above, willing to work in technical support;

2. Relevant experience in optical communications semiconductor, and integrated circuit industries is preferred;

3. More than two years of optical module R&D work experience SFP, QSFP, etc., FAE work experience, testing work experience is preferred;

4. Strong communication skills and plan presentation skills to communicate with customers, able to adapt to business trips;

5. Good at learning, good at problem analysis, teamwork spirit, willing to develop with the company for a long time.

Send resume to:dan.yue@wingcomm.com