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FA1132D / W-RX-28-SR (28-Gbps CDR with Integrated TIA)

General description

FA1132D, or W-RX-28-SR, is a multi-rate reference-free CDR with Integrated TIA. Typical applications include 25G-SR SFP28 active optical cables (AOC) and transceivers. Under CDR mode, it supports 24.33~28.05-Gbps full-rate or 12.165~14.025-Gbps half-rate retiming. It also provides CDR bypass mode for low-power applications.


Multi-rate reference-free CDR with integrated TIA

24.33~28.05-Gbps full-rate retiming

12.165~14.025-Gbps half-rate retiming

CDR bypass mode

Auto data rate detect between 25GbE and 10GbE

Auto data rate detect between 32GFC, 16GFC and 8GFC

Low power consumption and latency

Superior receiver sensitivity

On-chip ADC and temperature sensor

I2C serial interface

Bare die


25G-SR SFP28 Active Optical Cables (AOC) and Transceivers

10G-SR SFP/SFP+ Active Optical Cables (AOC) and Transceivers